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Welcome to arcadia marketing ltd

Arcadia Marketing Ltd are New Zealand's leading publisher of Farm Location Maps.

Farm Location Maps published by Arcadia Marketing Ltd, cover land blocks throughout New Zealand of 8 hectares and above. If you need to find a farm, its owner, or even a road in some tiny backroad of Eketahuna - our maps will see you right!

With a fully grid referenced Road Index, combined with an Alphabetical Listing of land owners, you can be sure to find new or existing clients in our Farm Locations Maps.

Detailed Maps

Over 23 detailed maps available for the North Island, and a further 14 maps for the South Island. We are continually in an update process, to ensure the information contained in them is up to date for your area.

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Welcome to the Arcadia Marketing Ltd. website.

Specialising in Farm Location Maps, we have almost every acre covered, and we are adding more maps continuously.

Please feel free to browse around to see how we can help you.

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The recent Central Canterbury farm location map released has incorrect owners index details and does not correlate with the map pages. 

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, we will rectify the anomalies. Dennis from Arcadia Marketing Ltd will be in contact.

Martin Mason knowingly used the 2013 owners index to suit his own ends.

Arcadia Marketing Ltd withheld the 2015/2016 owners data as he owed us a substantial amount of money. Don't be sucked in by him claiming that we have provided the data for this map, we did in 2013 but it has no relevance to the current Central Canterbury farm location map, we still hold that updated data.

He has discredited our Company and legal action is in place. If you are involved with any of the Dunedin-Clutha map updates, do not have any association with Martin Mason. Refer: dennis@arcadiamarketing.co.nz.

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Wellsford District
West Rodney

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Nelson District
Marlborough District
West Coast
North Canterbury District
Mid Canterbury
Central Canterbury


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